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Japan, renowned for its vibrant beauty and cultural richness, along with its high economic development, has cemented itself as one of the most ideal and adored destination to settle down for many expats worldwide, whether it is for work, studies or investments.

A vital and critical stage for foreigners having confirmed their decision to move to Japan, that is often hard to overcome, is to find a suitable place to live. Whether having already experienced moving to a new destination, or being a new comer, the challenges of renting or buying a property can be incredibly daunting. Indeed, even the simple act of finding the perfect property can be a challenge. Especially in Japan, where the administrative paperwork and screening process are strict and far more complex in comparison to one's home country. With the driven mindset of providing the best possible support to ensure a better and more meaningful life for foreigners living and working in Japan, MINNA was founded, and aims to help our valued clients understand the process and guiding them all the way, so that they are able to find a perfect accomodation, and to keep supporting them as much as possible,  so that their experience in Japan is a beneficial, positive one.

MINNA prioritise ethics, marking "Morality" as one of the foundations and core of our business. We are and always will ensure our commitment to our clients and strive to bring our esteemed customers and partners the best possible value for all of our real-estate services. Currently, we are have access to approximatively 72,000 vacant properties in the Kansai region of Japan (Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe…) and more than 570,000 vacant properties nationwide, and are positive that we can help you find your ideal place of residence in Japan.

For any inquiries about renting, purchasing or selling real estate in Japan, please feel free to contact our staff directly using the inquiry form in the two sections below:

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