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We are a fully licensed real estate agency with access to more than 40,000 listed properties for sale in the Kansai region, especially in Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe area. All of our properties, including new or second-hand apartments / mansions, detached houses, land in commercial or residence areas, or even high ROI exclusive properties for investment, are attained through our strong network of partnerships with both local and international companies.

MINNA also revolves around the core virtue of "Trust" and is reputed for honoring "Trust", and applying it at every level of our business. We respect and abide to the law, professional ethics, and social ethics to the highest standards, focusing on building relationships with customers, partners and investors with sincerity, respect, benevolence and and a humanistic spirit.

Properties for Sales in Kanto (Tokyo & Around)
Properties for Sales in Kansai (Osaka & Around)



Please provide us with detailed information of your requirements through the inquiry form below, so that our staff can start to search for the most suitable property for you to purchase.

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