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Rental Properties in Kanto (Tokyo & Around)
Rental Properties in Kansai (Osaka & Around)

Are you getting tired of searching for housing in Japan?


1. Are you looking for a reliable, trustworthy English-speaking Real Estate Agency?

2. Are you struggling with finding your dream home due to any of the following reasons?

-The process seemilingly takes too long, and the administrative documents and fees are confusing.

-The process requires you to have some ability of Japanese.

-The process requires you to have a Japanese guarantor.

3. Do you feel like the costs of moving-in are too high? Is the lack of furniture is troublesome?

4. Are you having issues not being able to communicate properly with the company managing your selected property because they cannot speak English, or because the Japanese level is too high? Would you rather somebody else did these things for you?

5. Are you perhaps under 20, but passionate about living in Japan and wishing to conclude a contract on your own terms?

Look no further, MINNA can help you!

​Our Advantages Includes:

1. Value for money: we can provide you with the best prices and deals for housing in Osaka, Kansai & around Japan.

2. Simplified documentation Process: we can provide you with comprehensible, speedy and reliable support in English and many other languages, so that understanding all the terms and rules of the documentation becomes truly easy for you, and there is no confusion or missunderstanding when you move in.

3. Hospitality and service Focused Mindset: our absolute priorities are your satisfaction and your experience rather than our profits.

4. Numerous exciting promotions, that in turn allow us to provide you with the best possible offers! Please contact us, so that we may have the pleasure of helping you find your dream home, at the best possible rate.



MINNA provides you with the best solution to solve all your troubles regarding renting apartments & houses in Japan!


​Besides residential properties, we also manage and provide offices and commercial buildings.


We have THOUSANDS of properties at your disposal in Kansai region & around Japan!


Please provide us with your information below here , so that our staff can contact and start offering you direct assistance!

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