Japan is one of the ideal places for both domestic and international investors due to the country's strong economy. Growth potentials, market needs, diverse segments ... all of these  factors help Japan attract investments and investors, helping to boost the national economy. Based on these contributions, the Japanese government has set up preferential policies to encourage and promote investments from both domestic and abroad, which has made the investing procedure more attractive for investors all around the World.

Although Japan has many positives as outlined above, a key factor that every manager needs to keep in mind and have solutions for is the shortage of human resources and qualified staff issue due to the aging population.

Economic growth is strongly influenced by the workforce, but Japan's working population is rapidly declining due to an increase in aging population and a decline in fertility, leading to the stagnation of economic growth. Therefore, with MINNA's strengths in terms of international connections, together with having a diverse team coming from many countries with abundant young human resources such as Vietnam, Nepal, Philippines, or other Southeast Asian countries, along with wanting to contribute to the development of the Japanese economy and the foreign communities here, MINNA will support and connect Japanese businesses with the most suitable and qualified human resources for businesses. Creating a fair, talended working market, with the highest benefits for both businesses and workers.


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